Monday, April 14, 2014

Utah mom creates do-it-yourself hair extensions -

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It has been a long but enjoyable road and can not wait to see the new doors that open!

Utah mom creates do-it-yourself hair extensions -

Danielle Lindsey had spent years in the search for perfect hair, she did the extensions; but it just didn't work! Especially when she started having kids.

Danielle said, "I have always had really thin hair and I was introduced to hair extensions and found them too time consuming and they got really expensive and damaging to my hair."

Instead of giving up on her search for long hair, Danielle decided to come up with something new

Danielle said, "I was sure I wasn't the only one looking for a solution trying to same time and money."

She got to work trying to put together a hair extension that she could put in herself.

Danielle explained the process, "I would go to craft stores and look online and play around with it. I got my first sewing machine. I wanted to make it simple."

Danielle's final creation: the Lock 'n Long Hair Extension System.

With a packet of tools and the hair you get permanent hair extensions in only 15 minutes.

Each of the extensions go into the same place as the expensive and time intensive extensions you have to get done professionally, but Danielle's version is a do-it-yourself version.

Danielle said, "If you look good you feel good and that's why i created it and put them in."

Danielle is offering $100 off for ABC4 Utah Midday viewers, just use the code "good" on her website: Lock 'n Long Hair Extensions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Winner Winner!

I was recently introduced to Founder, Rachael Herrscher, of Today's Mama.  

If you haven't checked them out-- girl -- you are missing out!
She was sweet enough to let me give some free product away with a giveaway...

and guess what Allison Parkhurst <> You WON!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love me some Twist Me Pretty! Her today’s hairstyle is sponsored by us- Lock N’ Long Hair Extensions!

Here is link:

"I know, this hairstyle is soooo simple.  But honestly that’s what I love about it!  This hairstyle is so much cuter than your regular ponytail and takes only a few extra minutes.  I think it’s an appropriate style for spring don’t you?!  I’ve had so many requests for quick buns and fast morning styles so I’ll try to get some in here before the challenge is over…  Say WHAAA?!  I swear it just started.  Can you believe we are 18 days in?!  Holy moly.  And seriously, the hashtag — you guuuuyyyss!!  I wish I had time to respond to all of your posts.  I will get to it sooner or later!  But seriously I’m so proud.  You guys are doing SUCH a great job at styling these hairstyles!  Even the hard ones you’re totally getting!  I’m always a little nervous that I haven’t taught it well and that no one will understand, but the proof is in the pudding.  I’m like a proud parent over here! haha!  Thanks for indulging me with the hashtag, I literally cannot get enough of it!  PS, it’s #thirtythirtyhair just FYI.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Gather the front section of hair
  2. Divide into three sections
  3. French braid until the back of your head
  4. Pull the rest of the hair up into a ponytail
  5. Optional: Wrap the ponytail with an accessory
  6. Spray the leftover curls or texture with hairspray or I love Redkin Wool

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who's that Funky Monkey.... what's that you say....

Ok so the name is super funny and I just want to sing it into some classic Lyrics... but its really just an Easter Giveaway collab Lock'n Long  paired up with!

Funky Monkey

What you win here

May the best one win ;) Ends April 9th