Monday, March 17, 2014

Installing Tips

Lock'n Long Hair Extensions

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At-Home Kit Includes:
1 Full Set: Lock’n Long Hair Extensions
Pliers:  Crimps flat to lock beads & opposite to open
Band:   Temporarily fastens section in place for install
       Pre-Attached Items/Terms:
Looper:  SAVE! Tool used to thread hair in bead
Beads: Locks your hair to weft- removable & refillable
T-Bar:  Secures Bead to the weft

 “Videos” for Installation Tutorial
 “FAQ’s” for Helpful Tips and Care Instructions

Helpful Tips:            

Loopers are Pre- attached (SAVE them for Refills!)
Loopers can shift during shipping- prior to installing make sure looper are not wrapped around the T-bar, they should be in front.
Beads are Pre-Attached (Refill every 6-8 weeks as beads weaken over time- Refill kits available online)
Slide beads right to your scalp the crimp bead FLAT with Pliers.  This will create ease when tightening or removing later.
SLEEPING: Gather hair in HIGH ponytail (by forehead) so all rows are folded upwards to sleep.
RE-TIGHTEN: Simply crimp the bead slightly open with pliers and slide up towards scalp and them crimp bead flat again. Due to washing, drying brushing some of the beads can loosen faster then others
RE-FILL: Remove entire row from scalp.
Crimp bead slightly open and slip up over the "t-bar" to remove old bead. With Pliers make “t-bar” vertical and slip old bead off and new bead on.

Looper won’t slide through the Bead?
Solution:  Loopers can shift during shipping-  prior to installing make sure looper are not wrapped around the T-bar, looper should be in front. --OR-- You have pulled too much of your hair through the looper and it won’t fit through the bead. Remove some of your hair and try again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Choose a Lock'n Long Hair Color

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1. How to choose a Lock'n Long Human Hair color

2. Still don't know, send us a current picture and we will assist you
    support@locknlonghairextensions Sub: Help! Hair Color

3. 1 FREE Color exchange Policy

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